Our Flower's Collections


They should always be kept moist
but never soggy.


This charming pink flower with
red center brings welcoming fragrance
to spring.


The dramatic blossoms come in many
different shades of red, orange, pink,
and white.

Vibrant Colours

Such Beauty


Large,showy and brightly colored
generally red, yellow or white.


It is a symbol of faith, loyalty and adoration.


Attractive flowers that are simple to cultivate.


Most commonly known as Nerium,
poisonous yet a mesmerizing,
common garden plant.

More about our Flowers

About Lisianthus

Lisianthus can be found in variety of colors such as pink, purple, white and blue. They can grow up to two inches. Lisianthus are large gentian-like bell-shaped flowers with flaring pale purple petal-like lobes. They bloom in summer from the upper leaf axils.

About Begonia

Begonias brighten up shady areas with their big, beautiful blooms. Begonia are native to tropical and subtropical climates. It prefers to grow in the shade and will bloom from summer to fall. It is commonly grown indoors as ornaments.

About Tulip

Tulip can be widely find in many countries. It is originated from Turkey to Central Asia. Nowadays, Tulips are widely popular and are being used as ornaments, garden plants or as cut flowers. This photo is taken from Tulip Festival 2017 in Melbourne.

About Sunflower

Sunflower benefit the plant as it easily seen by instect and birds which pollinate it and produces thousands of seeds. These seed can be sold as snack food, bread and sunflower oil. This photo is taken in Monash University, Clayton Campus.